Our Mission, Purpose & Values


The Company provides quality fluid handling solutions to a diverse clientele. Our passion, expertise, and commitment to excellence results in world-class products and unparalleled customer service and support. We measure success by delivering exceptional value and exceeding our partners’ expectations.


Our purpose is to grow the collective wealth and well-being of its shareholders, employee-owners, vendors, and customers. We are committed to providing career longevity and a rewarding place to work by respecting our fellow employee-owners, challenging them to apply their gifts and talents, and to experience success and growth.


  Safety First – In every decision consider safety first; safety is our number one concern. Safety is our consideration of others and their well-being.
  Proactive Customer Service – Responsive to clients both inside and outside of the corporation, we want to be known to all as a company that acts with diligence, timeliness, and deliberation.
  Integrity – To be upright in our actions; honest with our words and deeds; faithful to God; impartial with our application of principles; trustworthy with what we see, touch, and act on; speak truth in all things; and offer respect to all.
  Quality Minded – Is both an attitude of pride in the work that we perform and commitment to the quality programs and processes necessary to measure and assure that we perform within those expectations.
  Teamwork – There’s nothing we do that’s an individual effort. We must always seek to collaborate and support each other’s work for the betterment of our Company, our customers, and our suppliers surrounded by an encouraging and enjoyable environment.