Electrical & Automation Products

AGI Industries represents a wide range of electrical and automation products including sensors, circuit breakers, switchboards, variable frequency drives, drive systems, transformers, protective relay systems, voltage regulators and controls, encoders, resolvers and accessories. Our electrical and automation manufacturers include such as GE, Danfoss, ABB, Baldor, Mersen, MTE, WEG, R Stahl, RKI Instruments and many more for use in a variety of industries including general industrial, oil & gas, food and beverage, and water and waste water among others.

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Drives, Boards, Capacitors, Circuit Breakers,
Controls, OEM Replacement Parts, & more… 

Encoders & Drives

Motion & Control Products

Voltage Regulators, Transformers, Relay
Systems, Excitation Systems, & Controls

Transporter Refrigeration

Variable Frequency Drives,
Automation Drives, Micro Drives…

Position & Feedback

Electronic & Electromechanical Timers
& Counters

Industry Signals & Warning Devices

Motors & Motor Parts
GE Transportation

Industrial Enclosures,
Electronic Enclosures, & Transformers

Dry-Type Transformers 

Carbon Brushes, Brush Holders, Spring Assemblies, Bearing Protection Kits, Metal Graphite Brushes, & Mechanical Carbons

Contact, Electric Motor
Starters, & Components

Ground-fault Protection

Low & Medium Voltage, Variable Frequency Drives & Electrical Power Components

Electric Motors &

Industrial Connectors, Plugs
& Receptacles 

Industrial Fuses for Circuit

Industrial Carbon Brushes

Power Quality & Filter

Industrial Lighting Systems

Explosion Proof Electrical Automation
& Control Products

AC Drives & Solar Inverters

Industrial Harmonic Filters,
Line Reactors

Electronic & Electromechanical Timers
& Counters

Drives & Motion Control

Nidec Electric Motors & Drive Systems

Electric Motors & Drive Systems

US Motors AC/DC Motors, Drive Systems & Encoders

AC/DC Motors, Drive Systems,
& Encoders


Circor Authorized & Certified Service & Repair Provider

AGI Industries’ Louisiana and Texas repair centers recently completed Circor’s re-certification process, extending a partnership that began over 20 years ago. We at AGI Industries are proud to have Circor and their featured IMO pump line as a marquee Positive...

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